Booze has medicinal purposes. Trust me. Don’t buy the mega-brewery stuff from the supermarket, we’ve got some great breweries in E17 who are delivering for free. Let’s support them.

Exale Brewing

Have a taproom on Uplands business park (Higham Hill), they’re doing takeout and free delivery for locals. Victory Distillery’s also on-site (see wine and spirits) and they’re doing mixed boxes between Exale, Victory and Wood Street Coffee (see cafe section).

Wild Card Brewery

Wild Card have breweries and taprooms on Ravenswood (Shernhall) and Lockwood industrial estates (Higham Hill). They’re open for takeout and are delivering for free locally.

Pillars Brewery

They have a brewery & taproom on Ravenswood industrial estate and a pub at CRATE on St James Street that are doing takeout, and free deliveries locally from their online shops.

Signature Brew

They’ve got The Collab on Hoe Street and the Brewer’s Bar on Blackhorse road. If you’re local you get free delivery and it’s likely you’ll have your beer delivered by musicians who’ve had their tours cancelled. Double win. Check out their pub in a box.